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Item ID Summary Status down Assigned to Submitted
#49337 classify.c:52]: (style) Same expression on both sides of '&&'. Works For Me 2016-10-13
#14506 CVS 1.12.12 GSSAPI hang Need Info 2005-09-12
#14601 packetizing_buffer_input() hang for small need Need Info 2005-09-20
#14722 problem compile static (apparatly between libc.a and regex_internal.c) Need Info 2005-10-05
#24102 CVS hanging whle checkouts Need Info 2008-08-19
#24268 echo is off in terminal after interrupting the password entry using :ext and ssh Need Info 2008-09-15
#29199 %n in writable segment detected Need Info 2010-03-11
#29232 sanity.sh does not ignore cvsrc file Need Info 2010-03-15
#22781 cvs update (1.11.22 on Windows) uploads excessive numbers of files after daylight saving time changes Ready For Test 2008-03-29
#16630 out of memory message during commit Confirmed 2006-05-19
#17530 Updates which only affect sticky tags should not output 'U' status. Confirmed 2006-08-25
#27557 cvs -Q add does not actually add the file 2009-09-29
#14591 Disallow addition of directories which look like cvs lock dirs or files. 2005-09-19
#14641 Solaris 10 make - fail build in windows-NT/SCC 2005-09-25
#14680 Multiple Checkouts of Watched Modules Cause Watch Status to Be Erased 2005-10-01
#14687 Switch trace '-t' incompatible with buffer I/O (-zX, -a, -x) for pserver & gserver 2005-10-02
#14729 Check out or update time for certain files is very long 2005-10-06
#14776 cvs update from HEAD to branch with -n option fails 2005-10-13
#14788 "cvs rdiff -r branch:datetime" doesn't work 2005-10-14
#14830 "cvs up" segfaults on corrupt repository file 2005-10-20
#14904 Partial commit breaks the CVS contract with the client 2005-11-02
#14943 Invalid Clear-sticky response from 1.12 server 2005-11-09
#15050 Trailing slashes in directory arguments confuse CVS pserver 2005-11-24
#15196 A Request for check-update process for binaries to be much faster 2005-12-12
#15223 'cvs log' confused by empty directory when that dir has Attic files 2005-12-15
#15495 checkout -r <revision> fails on file with spaces in name 2006-01-20
#15546 Pass branch name to serverside scripts 2006-01-28
#15593 cvs update -d misplaces Entries.Log with local repos 2006-01-31
#15703 cvs -n import does not work 2006-02-11
#15753 cvs ls command is very slow 2006-02-14
#15776 Initial checkin of binary file with non-default revision fails 2006-02-16
#15797 cvs add directory can corrupt sandbox 2006-02-19
#16026 verifymsg failure if committing multiple binary files from different difectories at once 2006-03-07
#16217 cvs up -j branchname fails silently if branchname doesn't exist 2006-03-29
#16335 chmod +x not working on cygwin when cvs add -kb is used 2006-04-12
#16408 pserver "cvs stat ./foo/bar aoe" fails w/ "Entry Invalid" 2006-04-21
#16502 Cryptic error "end of file from server (consult above messages if any)" 2006-05-03
#16561 incorrect error message with invalid revision numbers 2006-05-11
#16706 cvs history -r TAG fails finding committs since TAG 2006-05-31
#16720 Wrong file timestamp after cvs commit under cygwin 2006-06-01
#16737 cvs segfault 2006-06-02
#16896 "cvs -n import -X" fails when new directories are to be imported 2006-06-20
#16935 CVS 1.12.13 compile failure on cygwin 2006-06-25
#17194 "cvs add" does not work in read-only repositories 2006-07-24
#17208 cvs release using -d option doesn't delete the directory 2006-07-26
#18147 Using -R makes pserver violate protocol 2006-10-30
#18283 Commit tries to go to CVSROOT repository after failing at repository indicated by CVS dir 2006-11-13
#18530 Sparc SIGBUS in md5 routines 2006-12-15
#18743 cvs add -m message not saved when using CVS_RSH=ssh 2007-01-10

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