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recipe #147: CMS vs GNU Herds current architecture, design and features

Compare the below listing with the report exposed by Content Management Systems.

My conclusion is that usign a CMS we lose more than we get. We can add to the current architecture, design and features what be needed. We have already support to a lot of CMS features (see below) and it is easy to add more.

Key points:

Additionally, Victor Engmark wrote: Starting the web site from scratch instead of using a CMS is a lot of work, but can give some long-term benefits:

It is just our personal opinion. The project is a proposal open to discussion. Flames are welcome and needed!.

GNU Herds webapp

System Requirements



Ease of Use





Built-in Applications


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Audience and Context

   Anonymous Users, Logged-in Users, All Project Members, Project Members who are technicians, Project Members who are managers

(As there is at least one of the Audience/Feature/Action context information not set, this recipe will not show up in related recipes links)

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