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kmdbg v0.4 available for download (51k at download page) posted by agus_081074, Wed Apr 30 16:24:49 2003 - 0 replies
kmdbg_v0.2-pre1 available for download posted by agus_081074, Wed Sep 25 00:17:32 2002 - 0 replies
kmdbg alpha 0.2 coming soon posted by agus_081074, Sat Sep 14 10:08:48 2002 - 0 replies
Alpha version 0.1 of kmdbg posted by agus_081074, Mon Jul 15 16:49:56 2002 - 0 replies
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kmdbg alpha 0.2 coming soon

Item posted by Miguel Rodríguez <agus_081074> on Sat Sep 14 10:08:48 2002.

Everything is done but have no time to cleanup and submit code. No more task gates but just interrupt gates for everything so it is possible to debug even between page directory and privilege 0 stack updates while context switching. Redundant code removed and finally, first successful test with Linux running with x86 CPL2, IOPL2 (trying to fulfil interrupt virtualization at ring < 0). Anyway, this is still usefull for debugging inside linux kernel page fault until cr2 register is saved.


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