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version 2.0

Item posted by Robert Edele <Yartrebo> on Sun 29 Sep 2002 03:50:01 PM UTC.

I'm currently planning a massive overhaul of the whole project. Plans still haven't be written down or fleshed out, but the following features appear to be likely:

 - Morphable polygons ... properly done, this should allow for much higher quality animation than the current rigid polygons allow for. This is likely to be done using interpolation much like 3d skeletal animation uses.

 - Many render options ... such as shadowing, shading, semi-random 'fuzziness' (look at "As Told by Ginger" in particular, or any of the Klasky-Csupo animations in general to get a good example of that). This will allow an animation to be rendered into a totally different style by only toggling a switch.

 - Seperation of character data from animation data. This is already partly done in the current version, but it is awkward to swap characters, and it requires a lot of skill to do. The new system will allow seperate character and animation modules to be downloaded, and the viewer can mix and match characters at run time.

 - Real-time rendering. Although rendering to an MPEG or AVI file will probably give better results, real-time rendering can save enourmous amounts of HD space, and allow a degree of control to the user that is unfeasable with pre-rendered animation. Another advantage is that to an author, testing can be done far faster if it doesn't have to be pre-rendered.

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