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source uploaded posted by Yartrebo, Sat 14 Dec 2002 03:00:25 AM UTC - 0 replies
progress report posted by Yartrebo, Wed 11 Dec 2002 04:15:49 AM UTC - 0 replies
version 2.0 posted by Yartrebo, Sun 29 Sep 2002 03:50:01 PM UTC - 0 replies
Embedded 2-D library. posted by Yartrebo, Tue 05 Feb 2002 09:14:34 PM UTC - 0 replies
Version 1.0 released posted by Yartrebo, Mon 12 Nov 2001 06:39:11 AM UTC - 0 replies
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progress report

Item posted by Robert Edele <Yartrebo> on Wed 11 Dec 2002 04:15:49 AM UTC.

About 9,000 lines of code have been written and partially debugged (not crashing anymore and no memory leaks, but not tested on different platforms).

I'm currently working very hard on the project, and a functional core piece of code should be ready before February. I'll get the source up as soon as I figure out how to do CVS on DOS/Windows and have a few spare hours, but finals week is next week, so it might have to wait until after that.

If anyone wants to help, please contact me first, so we can avoid duplicating code, and so that if you have any great ideas, you let me know.

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