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GRT 0.1 released posted by nikodemus, Fri 11 Apr 2003 12:03:41 AM UTC - 0 replies
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A Change of Heart

Item posted by Nikodemus Siivola <nikodemus> on Sat 28 Dec 2002 09:27:53 PM UTC.

Version 0.1 of libgrtlite will be the last version for now. If someone want's to take over that part of the project, please contact me.

The GRT proper is now in development, but not as a C-library as originally planned, but as a Common Lisp system: while wrapping grtlite for ruby I realised that the right thing to do is to use the rendering system in it's native language -- and that C is not the right tool for the job.

I have some ambitious plans for GRT, but that fact is that I would never have realized them if I had continued writing in C. As an illustrative example, I have just about finished duplicating the fucntionality of grtlite in Common Lisp, in 555 lines of code and only a few days.

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