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Item posted by John Hornbeck <hornbeck> on Mon 03 Mar 2003 05:21:06 PM UTC.

I would like to start this off with the objectives of FireFly. FireFly
is going to be a fully functional Free Software Public Library System. What this means is that public libraries will be able to do all library needed functions from within FireFly, such as add new patrons, bib records, etc. and also edited said records. FireFly is still in early planning. We will be adding early alpha files to CVS soon. These files will be programs upon themselves and will change quite often. One of the objectives of FireFly is to make a system that is a bunch of little programs. Each task within FireFly will be its own program, now this is the working plan right now and may change with time, but at the moment this is the idea. Help is needed in the development of FireFly, if you have a interest in public libraries and helping them change for the better than let us know, and we can find something for you to do. The working langauges as of right now are Python, Perl, and XML. This may change as said eairlier. We hope that this project will go smoothly and that we can have a functioning beta by end of 2003. That is all the news for now.


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