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Conduet Weekly Newsletter

Item posted by Fernagut Thibaut <blokkie_> on Wed 09 Apr 2003 09:05:58 PM UTC.

Welcome to cndtnews!
In this issue, we have a variety of topics: some code; some political.

Conduet Kernel Tree - Status and Future
 Our kernel has gone through a great number of transformations, beginning with the tests performed back in the Links days. Some critics would tell that we have spent more time on the build system alone than on our most important asset, the c++ code -- they would be correct. We believe that a clean and comprehensible tree will allow us to conduct better development, so, using Lee's kernel code and a freshened build system, I have assembled a new tree. All of the architecture-dependent code has been cut out of the global includes and the messy hacks are removed from the Makefiles. There are now beginnings to a kernel library, with instructions that were previously misplaced in the HAL directory. Some other updates include code shifts to x86/ subdirectories and removal of unused variables. This tree, once approved by the team, will probably be injected into the conduet cvs, replacing the older kernel module.

Memory Management
 I'm don't quite understand what exactly Lee has done, but I've concluded that a half-assed report is better than a whole-assed non-report :| -- There is some sort of paging support in leejr's most recent tarball -- it has been imported into mine -- but he has yet to write an interface to allocate or deallocate storage space. So now that you know something's going on, give him a call (email of course) and help make this the best OS ever! Go Conduet!

Links, our buddy our pal (here's that political part I promised)
 Bonsai. A word that once would have sparked a question from an admin, "Huh? What's that? Oh, and where's our cvs?" The Conduet tree was recently closed to prepare for the migration to the new codebase, and bonsai, our tree monitor ( sent its usual "Don't Commit" message to the list. But it was the wrong list. The message that went to the LinksOS devlist brought me unwarranted anger, in a letter from Terence accusing me of spamming him and trying to trick their team. You must understand that these people are too stupid to see that this was clearly an automated message, and that a simple request to fix this issue would have resulted in no further communication on my part. Instead, they went into rant mode, accusing me of more conspiratorial doings, throwing out sentences without regard for their own image. You can read these messages on their developer list, at . And I really did want the projects to cooperate.

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