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Initial announcement

Item posted by Enrico Scholz <ensc> on Tue 30 Sep 2003 09:04:40 PM UTC.

The current version has the same functionality and tools like Jacques
vserver-0.23 package and should be a drop-in replacement. It contains
some small fixes and enhancements like:

  • minit support
  • removal of the 'no chrootsafe()' message
  • setting of capabilities at 'vserver ... stop'

Because of the name-change, it may be necessarily for third-party tools
to create a symlink like

ln -s util-vserver /usr/lib/vserver

Future development will:

  • introduce a new configuration scheme; see [1] for basic structure. With

this directory-entry based configuration
- the hardcoded /vservers location will disappear; the vserver root is
now /etc/vservers/<vserver>/vdir (which is a symlink)
- the configuration will be parseable by C programs
- enhanced, application-specific configuration will be possible
(e.g. the different options for rpm/apt based installations, options
for the various distributions, a vunify-refserver, and ...)

  • provide secure vrpm/vapt-get wrappers which will be executed outside

of the vserver and will not depend on content within the vserver. This
is finished to 80% and in the CVS tree.

  • provide support for new cool stuff like context-quota, alternative

chroot() approaches (CLONE_NEWNS), and ...

I want to thank Jacques Gelinas for his great work on the vserver package
on which my package is based on.

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