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Announcement: util-vserver-0.24

Item posted by Enrico Scholz <ensc> on Tue 04 Nov 2003 12:09:51 PM UTC.


version 0.24 of util-vserver was released some minutes ago and is
available at


This version

  • re-adds some features which were removed in the last stable version

  (0.23.6), e.g.:
  - the copy-my-/etc/shadow-and-other-secrets mode of 'vserver ... build'.
    To use a more secret method which creates a filesystem skeleton only,
    set the 'UTIL_VSERVER_AVOID_COPY' environment variable to '1' before
    calling 'vserver, and
  - the newvserver-linuxconf module, which is disabled by default. To
    enable it, the '--enable-linuxconf' option at ./configure must be

  Both features will be dropped in future versions, so new applications
  should not rely on it. Contact me, and/or try the CVS for information
  about the new features.

  • supports the QUOTACTL capability
  • supports both the old kernel API and the current state of the new one

  (linux-vserver 1.1.0)

  • lots of small improvements and bugfixes

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