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Planning of MoviXMaker-2 0.6.3

Item posted by Pascal Giard <evilynux> on Thu Mar 18 15:32:15 2004.

I was planning to release version 0.6.3 about 2 weeks ago but unfortunatly, i found a bug in gtk2-perl. But thanks to the great developpers that are always paying attention to the users, it's been fixed quite fast.

The problem now is that i really don't have much time.

The main addition to 0.6.3 will be support for "Menu language" selection for MoviX (not eMoviX now MoviX2 as none of those two supports this at the moment). Actually, menu language selection has been introduced in MoviX-0.8.1 .

The other thing that is most likely going to change are only technicallities altho there're visible for the users: the GtkComboBox[es] will become GtkOptionMenu[s].

Finally, i also decided to remove the Video codecs selection has it is not clear how this works (from a user standpoint) and it's confusing. So until i clear things up, until i rethink/rewrite it, it's removed.


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