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XForms 1.0.90 released

Item posted by Jean-Marc Lasgouttes <lasgouttes> on Tue Mar 30 15:00:18 2004.

I am glad to announce the release of XForms 1.0.90, which marks a
first step on the road to XForms 1.1.0. This development release has
the primary goal of making sure that the new autoconf-based setup used
for XForms works correctly on as many architectures as possible.

There are still a few bugs to fix before 1.1.0, and I am sure that a
couple new feature will creep in too.

Here is the relevant excerpt from the ANNOUNCE file:

V1.0.90 March 30, 2004
o Migrate from Imake to the GNU autotools.
o "Composite" widgets, such as the browser, can now display tooltips.
o Prevent a crash when rotating grayscale images by 90 degree multiples.
o Enable xforms to handle XPixmaps containing colour "opaque".
o Tabfolder widgets are now resizable.
o Re-add fl_lookup_RGBcolor which fell off the dist at 1.0pre3.
o fl_init_RGBdatabase is no longer needed, does nothing and is
retained for compatibility only.
o Pass KeyRelease events to the widgets.
o Display the tab forms correctly when using bottom tab folders.
o Enable xforms to read a wider variety of gif and jpeg images.
o Enable fdesign to work correctly with paths like ../foo/bar/your_file.fd.
o Add a -dir <destdir> option to fdesign to place generated files in destdir.
o Add an RPM spec file.
o Get rid of the separate snprintf compatibility library.
o Removal of lots of little pieces of cruft that crept into the xforms
1.0 release.

You can grab xforms from the download section of this page

Please send bug reports to the mailing list


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