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Xmldoom 0.0.5 released, sort of...

Item posted by David Snopek <xevol> on Wed 14 Apr 2004 10:20:18 PM UTC.

I have finally decided to set the hammer down and call it Xmldoom 0.0.5.  Unfortunately, the Savannah file manager is still down so I can't upload the release tarball.  I am working on moving the project to Gna! if they will have me.  More on that soon.

Contrary to my last release anouncement, this version includes tons of new features and I have ideas for tons more.  I have changed direction and focus so many times, its hard to remember what's new since 0.0.4.  Here is what I can grok from a diff -ur between the two:

  • Added RelaxNG validation of the definition format
  • A cool new string expansion format (ie. no more %(var)s)
  • Optional and keyword arguments in get/add methods (partial support)
  • Xmldoom becomes a proper compiler, with pre-runtime XML output
  • Multiple key objects
  • Implicit table format (a big one! I've been dreaming of this from day one)
  • Streamlining of definition format

Expect more frequent releases.  Hopefully, the next version won't include so many re-writes.

In the next release:

  • Object heirarchies
  • Overall improved definition parser and interal representation

There are only so many features that can be implemented in the engine.  Hopefully I'll run out soon and I can start on writting support software.  Expect a website with tutorials in the near-to-mid future.

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