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Initial port of simulavr to C++ released

Item posted by William <rivetwa> on Fri Sep 3 03:19:35 2004.

A while back (almost a year) I looked at simulavr as well as a few other Free Software options (not many to be sure) and somehow managed to bump into Klkaus Rudolph, who had made many of the same observations as I did about how simulavr seemed to scream for a C++ implementation (or at least OO language). Klaus was generous enough to email me preliminary copies and eventually TRoth agreed to allow us to share simulavr's savannah pages for this effort rather than fork completely. So far I (rivetwa) have simply been adminstering simulavrxx and tinkering with the build aspects.

For better or worse, simulavrxx-0.8.003.tar.gz is now available on the download page(some bugs have since been fixed in CVS versions). I think Klaus has done a nice job of making a workable port. No, it's not terribly pretty from a C++ design perspective, but as a port, that can't be expected for a few iterations. What has been added is plenty of support for interacting with the simulavrxx with simulated hardware interfaces.

Thanks Klaus!


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