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rel 0.6.1 fixes make install + several bug fixes

Item posted by Uwe Mayer <merkosh> on Sat 22 Jan 2005 09:44:43 PM UTC.

make install did not install the perl-scripts, which was added here. make uninstall did not uninstall all files correctly, which was fixed, too.

Additional bug fixes include:
- deleting a record did not render the file dirty and saving was not possible
- removed feature of backslash-escaping first character of filenamePrefix to enforce relative image paths
- fixed storing of relative image paths: if filenamePrefix is relative the embedded link is relative now, too
- its possible to execute now when it is installed, aswell as from the projects src directory

The configuration file prior was rendered incompatible with previous versions. Please execute:
$ python

in the projects src directory to update your ~/.lmc/lmc.conf configuration file.


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