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MLDonkey 2.5.28s1 released

Item posted by spiralvoice <spiralvoice> on Sat Feb 19 13:59:44 2005.

As some of you might have noticed already the development progress on Savannah CVS has not made much progress in the last months. This is due to the fact that b8_bavard currently lacks time to work on MLDonkey.

But the community never sleeps, new patches are posted here and collected on

There you will find the current CVS release 2.5.28 plus patch_pack28s1 which can be applied on top of CVS 2.5.28. It incorporates all the latest patches and is reported to be pretty stable. After applying the patchpack you will find a file distrib/Patchlog_spiralvoice where you can see which patches were applied. On my page you will also find some useful links and pre-compiled cores for Linux, Windows, FreeBSD 5.3 and Solaris/Sparc. Also check out the other pages for Windows and FreeBSD cores.


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