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Riece 2.0.0 released

Item posted by Daiki Ueno <ueno> on Mon 29 Aug 2005 06:48:25 AM UTC.

Riece 2.0.0 is now available from:

  • Major changes in 2.0.0
    • Support multiple coding-systems on a server.

You can use different coding-systems for different channels. (ueno)
For example:
(setq riece-channel-coding-system-alist
'(("#euc-jp" . euc-jp)
("#utf-8" . utf-8)))

    • Support uninstall, unload (dangerous) operations for add-ons.

Now you can fully customize riece-addons in the add-on listing
mode. (ueno)

    • New mechanism for executing Ruby programs. To use it, see the

commentary section of riece-ruby.el. (ueno)

    • New add-on riece-eval-ruby.el, which regards user input prefixed by

",ruby " as a Ruby program and sends the result to the current
channel. (ueno)

    • New add-on riece-shrink-buffer.el, which now takes care of periodic

buffer shrinking. If you have set riece-max-buffer-size, you will
need to enable the riece-shrink-buffer add-on in the add-on listing
mode. (ueno)

    • Don't signal an error when a user is quitting, and who has joined a

channel where you left. (ueno)

    • When saving a log file, suffix the name of the coding-system used

onto the filename. This will avoid mojibake even
riece-log-coding-system is not set. (ueno)

    • While traversing channel list with C-c g, offer channels in order

of precedence where they have newer unread messages. (ueno)

    • Allow "@" instead of " " as a separator of a channel name and an

IRC server name. (ueno)

    • Rewrite the Japanese manual (riece-ja.texi) for IRC & Emacs

newbies. (ueno)

    • Allow users to hide Others buffer. (ueno)
    • Use seperate buffer to store debugging output. (ueno)
    • Added new make rule for byte-compiling elisp files individually.

To use it, after configure, do "make compile-individually" in
lisp/. (ueno)

    • Include a document for developers (doc/HACKING{,.ja}) (ueno)

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