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Curphoo-0.4.3-3 Released posted by BoW4IamTheBOFH, Fri Aug 18 14:25:14 2006 - 0 replies
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Curphoo-0.4.3 posted by BoW4IamTheBOFH, Wed Aug 9 19:55:09 2006 - 0 replies
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Curphoo-0.4.3-3 Released

Item posted by Brandon Grace <BoW4IamTheBOFH> on Fri Aug 18 14:25:14 2006.

With this release you'll see some changes to the way phoo is storing your rc file. Configs are now stored in ~/.curphoo-<ver>. You will also notice a change in the logging methods. I got really tired of having to reopen a tail of a log file after starting / stopping phoo. Logfiles are now done via a single file per day. Please take some time and enjoy the new features.

/exclude # excludes users from autoignore, ignores, regex
/unregex # allows for username regexing (python regex)

The Status bar now reflects values in RE:(regexes) UN: (user regex) EX: excludes and a nifty Ver: <version> tag.

Next versions will include a debug feature to allow debug output to window while chatting in addition an ability to sync your regex ignores w/ a server version.

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