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AVRDUDE 5.3 released

Item posted by Joerg Wunsch <joerg_wunsch> on Thu Dec 21 22:45:10 2006.

  • Add support for the AVR Dragon (all modes: ISP, JTAG, HVSP, PP,


  • Add support for debugWire (both, JTAG ICE mkII, and AVR Dragon).
  • Add support for the AVR Doper USB HID-class programmer.
  • Bugfixes.


need to compile it without USB (posted by Alex Rayne, Fri Aug 10 14:23:19 2007)

Hallow all!
i try to compile new version of avrdude with my patches
but i cant, because i havent libusb on my msys.
i have no much willings to understand how to install ones
libs. this need, as i understood, some ddk at least .

so i ask - is there any possibility to compile it without
usb support?

5.3.1 Windows executable - with USB support (posted by Paul Coldrey, Wed Feb 21 04:51:43 2007)

Similar to previous post but I received a request to add usb support, so I did. It can be downloaded from:

To use it you'll need to:
1. get libusb from
2. use inf-wizard to create a .inf file for the AVRISP device
3. update the driver for this device using the .inf file created above.

for the port specification use '-P usb'



5.3.1 Windows executable (posted by Paul Coldrey, Wed Jan 10 05:02:20 2007)

I generated a windows executable of 5.3.1 (using MinGW - so there is no cygnus cruft). I don't think I have permission to add it to the downloads so I stuck it on my server at:

If you are a developer please feel free to add this to the download section



Bugfix followup: AVRDUDE 5.3.1 (posted by Joerg Wunsch, Fri Dec 22 23:02:27 2006)

Sorry to say, but AVRDUDE 5.3 contained a syntax error in
its avrdude.conf file, so I had to replace it by a new
release named AVRDUDE 5.3.1.



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