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version 0.9.3 released

Item posted by Jean Bréfort <jean_brefort> on Wed 19 Mar 2008 02:20:41 PM UTC.

This is a development version and is just made available for those who whish to test the new features. However the programs might be very unstable and reliable and should not be used for production purposes.
News for 0.9.3 are:
3d viewer:

  • show multiple bonds as multiple cylinders

in ball and stick mode.

  • prints using GtkPrint.
  • Loads files using GIO.


  • display molar and monoisotopic masses with more digits.
  • prints isotopic pattern chart.


  • Fix loading of double reaction arrows. [#22223]
  • prints using GtkPrint and Cairo.
  • enhanced loaders for cdx and cdxml files.
  • initial support for nicknames and generic symbols in

molecules. [#21728]

  • Do not crash after failing to merge two molecules. [#22485]

Gnome Crystal:

  • prints using GtkPrint.


  • prints using GtkPrint.

periodic table:

  • prints charts using GtkPrint.


  • new classes: gcu::Printable, gcu::PrintSetupDlg for

GtkPrint support.

However, there are a few regressions. Using gio to load files might fail for some network files, and gchempaint export to cdxml (as well as cdx) is broken (an empty file is generated).

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