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version 0.9.4 released

Item posted by Jean Bréfort <jean_brefort> on Sun 22 Jun 2008 01:48:04 PM UTC.

This is a development version and is just made available for those who whish to test the new features. However the programs might be very unstable and reliable and should not be used for production purposes.
Main news for 0.9.4 are:

3d viewer:

  • export more image formats (ps, pdf, eps).


  • initial support for ambiguous symbols such as Ac and Pr

Gnome Crystal:

  • export more image formats (ps, pdf, eps).
  • enhanced cif files import.
  • enhanced radii support.


  • export more image formats (ps, pdf) and enhanced eps support.
  • no more white rectangle under atoms symbols.
  • correctly detects the mime type, even if the file doesn't exist. [#22686]
  • accept file names with spaces for files opened using OpenBabel. [#22695]
  • enhanced cdx files import.


  • customizable charts.

Mozilla plugin:

  • added support for GChemPaint and JCAMP-DX files.


  • add support for mass spectrum.
  • load nmr spectra using jcamp-dx 5.x NTUPPLES.
  • made possible to change the x coordinates and to dsplay only part of the spectrum.
  • initial support for NMR fids.

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