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version 0.11.0 released.

Item posted by Jean Bréfort <jean_brefort> on Wed Dec 17 16:45:35 2008.

This is the first 0.11.x release which will lead to the stable 0.12 branch. This is a highly unstable development version which should not be used for production.

Main news are:

  • Use the new canvas (brings in some regressions).


  • Correctly load negative values in (XY..XY) tables. [#24720]
  • Add a way to zoom vertically (Jordan).

Mozilla plugin:

  • fix loading of spectra and 3d files.

GCCV library:

  • Initial implementation of the new canvas.

The old canvas libray has been removed and libgnomecanvas is not used anymore. The main regression for now is the lack of texts and atom groups. I hope I'll be able to reimplement them for 0.11.1 which should be released around march 2009. The new canvas is based on cairo.


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