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Version 0.6.00 Released

Item posted by Kenneth Loafman <loafman> on Mon Jun 8 13:59:56 2009.

New in v0.6.00 (2009/06/08)
Checkpoint/Restart capability added. Checkpoint is
done at every volume written and Restart is done at
start of the next volume in the set. Changes to
normal operations include a permanent duplicity
archive-dir at ~/.duplicity to save state.

To accomplish this, the signature and archive files
in the archive-dir now have three states:
1) temporary until the first volume has been written,
2) partial until the final volume has been written and
sent to remote storage,
3) permanent with the same name as always.

Assumptions are made that if a restart is needed, then
all arguments are the same as before and that no files
have been removed from the file system between runs.

From now on, the --archive-dir option can be used to
change the location of the archive dir, but you are
responsible for moving the files if you change it.

Other fixes:
Unicode filenames in log messages are now OK.

Fixed problem where Cygwin was returning -1 for the
hard max open file limit.


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