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AKFAvatar 0.17.1 released

Item posted by Andreas K. Förster <akf> on Sat Aug 22 10:01:23 2009.

AKFAvatar 0.17.1 released.

  • the color of the balloon can be changed, it defaults to "floral white" now
  • the text color can be changed in demo scripts
  • when no avatar is visible, the textarea is centered
  • new static library "avtaddons" — the old "avtcio" is now part of it
  • optimized drawing of lots of text
  • support for overstrike-text in the main library now
  • integrated pager (text-file-viewer where you can move around the text)
  • the manpage-viewer uses the new pager (not on windows)
  • on windows the documentation is shown with the new pager
  • in the terminal you can use the mouse wheel for the up/down-keys
  • you can compile it without any audio support ("./configure --disable-audio")
  • you can disable audio in avtarsay with the option --noaudio
  • binaries for FreeBSD available


The pager can be used like this "avatarsay --pager file.txt" or from a terminal session in avatarsay with "avtcmd -s pager file.txt". The scripts "avtman" and "gnome-akfavatar" also use the pager for manpages now, so does "avatarsay" itself.

In the pager you can use the up and down arrow keys or the mouse-wheel to scroll through the text. You can also use the Home, End, Page up, Page down keys. The space-key can also be used for page down. To quit the pager you can either press Q or Esc or you can press on the mouse-wheel (on some mice) or you can press the close button of the window (which doesn't necessarily close the window: if you started from the main menu of avaatarsay, it just goes back to that menu).


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