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AKFAvatar 0.18.0 released

Item posted by Andreas K. Förster <akf> on Mon Nov 9 16:34:09 2009.

AKFAvatar 0.18.0 released.

  • The header file akfavatar.h was reorganized and should be more readable now
  • full support for X-Bitmap images (XBM)
  • several internal tools rewritten in AWK
  • new tools to import XPM and XBM images into Pascal programs
  • reorganized the menu of avatarsay - more options
  • in avatarsay you can save the settings
  • the file chooser can filter names by extension - demo scripts or archives should have the extension .avt now
  • the pager can cope with formfeeds now and there is an extra close-button
  • the pager can cope with UTF-16 (but autodetection just works in avatarsay from the menu or command-line)
  • API: the avatar can get a name-sign next to it (see avt_set_avatar_name)
  • API: support for a navigation bar (see avt_navigate)
  • the window is no longer resizable
  • rewritten build system is more flexible and allows out of source builds


The build system should now also be usable with MinGW+MSys. But that is untested. I tried to do it with Wine, and it didn't work. But I think that this is a problem with wine. I currently really don't have any Windows machine to test it.

If you wonder why I chose AWK for some tools: Well, you don't have to compile the tools, they just run. This is especially important for crosscompiling. AWK is required by POSIX and so it should be available on every modern system. For Windows it is available with MinGW+MSys, which you'd need to compile it anyway.

Saving the settings isn't well tested yet, especially not for Windows. So if you have problems with it, please contact me.

The documentation might be a little outdated now. I think about rewriting it as Manpages anyway...


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