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Philosophy of programming

Item posted by Drew Northup N1XIM <RvnPhnx> on Fri 12 Apr 2002 03:38:44 AM UTC.

Of special interest lately seems to be the concept of software project management.  Here at the Plex86 project I take the concept seriously in the way that an engineer takes all of his work seriously--"Failure is not an option" (a quote from Gene--last name?--over at Houston during the Apollo Moon landing project).  A recent article over at highlights one of the more important software project management concepts: "The Mythical Man-month," the subject of the book by the same title.  On the site ( Scott Rosenberg gives this important development concept a good treatment--with an opensource/free-software bent.  It is worth a read, and it demonstrates to some extent how I intend to (and not to) run this project (Plex86).

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