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version 0.11.4 released.

Item posted by Jean Bréfort <jean_brefort> on Thu Dec 31 13:11:14 2009.

0.11.4 is the latest development release. I hoped I'd be able to release this one in November, but time was missing. The earlier plans to release 0.12 around April now seem totally unrealistic. There is so much work to to until a stable release that I don't have a schedule anymore, just I'll release when ready.

This unstable release should not be used in production but testing is welcome. Main news are:


  • Fixed interpretation of strings such as Mn and Rn. [#28192]


  • Allow for hash bond convention inversion. [#26810]
  • Implement mechanism arrow tool restricted to bond to adjacent atom

electron move for now.

  • New Orbital tool (restricted to s type orbitals for now).
  • Fixed various bugs, especially atoms groups related ones.


  • Fix loading of ui files. [#27395]
  • Display element name when moving the mouse over a point in a chart.


  • Do not access a NULL document when destroying an object.


  • Fixed three typos in isotopes database. [#27619]
  • Revised Wikipedia theme (Matthias Mailänder).


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