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Public Objects 100902-0030 Released

Item posted by J. Scott Edwards <jsedwards> on Mon 06 Sep 2010 03:15:52 AM UTC.

I have uploaded a new set of public objects. This change was to add the Venenux (, BLAG (, and Dragora ( releases.

BLAG, Dragora, and Venenux are all GNU/Linux operating systems containing only free as in freedom software.  Right now the BLAG has ONLY the MD5 checksums.  I will add the others as time permits.

The Venenux and Dragora releases have MD5, SHA1, SHA256, and SHA512 checksums for them:

Now you can use the Objectify file-verify program to check any of the Venenux and Dragora releases after you download them, for example:

file-verify --public dragora-2.0.iso venenux-0.8-dvd-rc2c.iso

You can also list, for example the sha256 checksums for them with the following command:

file-list --public dragora* venenux*
num_refs: 526
047ad748fb09bc4338f0b2c54a39df2cfe2d2ef03b6578727c0bf254b5861b73  venenux-0.8-cd-rc2c.iso
4b32e5435415b1070a969b3906eadcf7d60dfe2d9537a1759aa3d39bf63f772a  venenux-0.8-cd2-rc2c.iso
359094e619a4a50704a97f27609a9cd5710452081697e3539821df4224af4d63  venenux-0.8-dvd-rc2c.iso
49c68550538717782a2a59c90175bb6bd8620866dd84d4959cf6c2e2c13e90ea  dragora-1.0-install.iso
519cdae99d7f374702d152b5f5d731a86ae22d28ef3efa6d025303a5f6a08064  dragora-1.1-install-CD1.iso
1880826ac2dcd03c75d09f1696a1dbd5f2b4ddb3850a2ac80d80531d13be42be  dragora-1.1-kde-CD2.iso
894905362154c0fb5b57ce79cfe9995479fcde992ed2e29ecfa32129bf326557  dragora-2.0.iso
Number of files: 7

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