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Version 2.50 released

Item posted by Winfried Brügmann <brueg> on Mon 01 Nov 2010 10:01:18 AM UTC.

1)fix handing of file dialog while cancel operation
2)update to DeviceProperties XSD V11
3)update scale synchronization > 1  measurement type
4)fix error setup 18 DataVarioTool/LinkVarioTool
5)update data table preparation, value digits depends on measurement
6)refine context sensitive help, enabled by an tool button
7)enable multiple file selection while CSV import
8)sunset Mac carbon version
9)introduce 64 bit Mac cocoa
10)replace Mac libserial.jnilib with previous version build for 32/64 bit Intel/PCC
11)add function to launch Google Earth while exporting KML file
12)add ToolItem to launch context sensitive help
13)update VC80x to use variable time steps
14)update AkkuMaster C4 prevent closing tool box while active
15)fix LiPoWatch lov file reader
16)add QC-Copter QuadroControl plug-in (not fully tested)
17)enable velocity limits declaration for KML

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