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CERTI 3.4.0 released!!

Item posted by Eric NOULARD <erk> on Thu 11 Nov 2010 06:09:38 PM UTC.

This release is a relatively big step forward.

  - first release with partial IEEE-1516 support (Thanks to Jeroen and its collegue)
  - first release with fully generated internal message (Thanks to many people including Lucas, Andrej, and me :-] )
  - Many bug fixes (23)
  - Many patches merged (19)  - many of them from Mathias
  - first release with corresponding java binding [not released yet] (Thanks to Andrej)
  - first release with a fresh new (not activated by default) conservative and efficient Time Management algorithm.

As numbering suggest 3.4.0 release is "binary incompatible" with 3.3.x series, i.e. you may NOT mix federate using CERTI 3.3.x and others using 3.4.x.

This "breakage" was necessary for fully generating internal messages.

Many things remains on the workplan...go ahead send more patches :-]

I've just uploaded the source tarballs and zip into the download area:

you may have to wait the mirror turn-around time in order to be able to download it.


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