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CRM shell v1.2.1 released

Item posted by Dejan Muhamedagic <dejanm> on Mon 15 Oct 2012 06:22:46 PM UTC.

The CRM shell v1.2.1 is released.

The highlights of the release:

  • history: add the exclude (log messages) command
  • pacemaker 1.1.8 compatibility code

There are two important bug fixes:

  • cibconfig: repair edit for non-vi users
  • cibconfig: update schema separately (don't remove the status section)

For the full set of changes, take a look at the changelog:

Note about Pacemaker versions

CRM shell 1.2.1 supports all Pacemaker 1.1 versions. The history
feature is unfortunately not as well supported with version


Installing the CRM shell along with Pacemaker 1.1 versions <=
v1.1.7 is possible, but it will result in file conflicts. You
need to enforce file overwriting when installing packages.


The CRM shell project web page at GNU savannah:

The sources repository is available at:

Packages for several popular Linux distributions:

The man page:

Support and bug reporting:



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