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AKFAvatar 0.24.0

Item posted by Andreas K. Förster <akf> on Sun 30 Jun 2013 01:04:48 PM UTC.

AKFAvatar 0.24.0 released.

The charset support was completely rewritten. It doesn't depend on the system's capabilities anymore, but all is included.

  • fix: terminal doesn't use so much CPU time anymore
  • fix: window resizing for the pager works again
  • fix: switching fullscreen mode while avatar moves in or out
  • fix: avt_credits sometimes got the end wrong
  • fix: audioplayer.lua accepts PLS playlists again
  • fix: Pascal binding works again, extended
  • paging through menus is animated
  • lua/audioplayer.lua: improved playlist support
  • lua/multiplication.lua: more authentic
C-API changes:
  • avt_char is unsigned int now, avt_choice adapted - should be compatible with char32_t in C11
  • functions with _mb replaced with functions _char
  • new functions: avt_darker, avt_brighter, avt_brightness
  • avtadons.h also uses the prefix avt_ for everything
Lua-API changes:
  • The default encoding is now ASCII to encourage always using avt.encoding()
  • avt.set_directory or avt.chdir return true on success or nil and an error message on error
Pascal-API changes:
  • variable CheckEsc removed
  • new procedures/functions: Menu, ReadKeyCode, reserve_single_keys


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