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BFGMiner 4.9.0 released

Item posted by Luke Dashjr <lukedashjr> on Sun 05 Oct 2014 06:48:06 AM UTC.


Please note that the new Titan driver is maintained by KnCMiner, and neither nwoolls nor myself can provide support for it.

Human readable changelog:
- titan: Driver for KnCMiner's scrypt ASIC machine.

Full changelog:
- Upgraded Windows libraries:
- - libcurl from 7.37.0 to 7.38.0
- - libusb from 1.0.18 to 1.0.19 (Win64 only)
- - mingw64-runtime from 3.1.0 to 3.2.0 (Win64 only)
- - uthash from 1.9.7 to 1.9.9
- Travis: Update for titan driver
- configure: Accept --enable-titan=CONTROLLER to select controller
- make-release: Remove unnecessary knc-asic/{*.rbf,*system,waas} from release source
- extra_work_queue so devices can influence their effect on the central work queue somewhat (titan needs less than 1-per-proc)
- Avoid adding include paths for titan driver
- Bugfix: titan: Add missing printf formatting for core busy status
- avalon: Drop custom hexdump logging
- Build titan driver independently from knc (Jupiter) driver
- titan: Do not fill up next slot immediately after urgent setwork
- titan: Pre-fill work queue so that all ASICs have fresh jobs after a flush
- Build instructions for KnC Titan
- Doesn't compile without explicitly included inttypes.h on some machines
- knc-asic: Updated to e5c986d3c44fde8c5b069508ef6979f2f2be92d6
- Fix to build bfgminer for titan
- titan: Subdivide full nonce range only between cores in one ASIC (because works are now distributed per-ASIC too)
- titan: DC/DCs does not like broadcast flushes (urgent setwork). Do not do it!
- titan: Preparation to setting threads-per-core externally, by user
- titan: Re-flush cores in case of slot number collision
- titan: Per-ASIC flush, per-ASIC work management
- titan: Start cores after flush individually, not by broadcast.
- titan: Default frequency is 275 MHz
- titan: Difficulty is offset by one in ASIC cores.
- titan: Fix first_proc pointer
- titan: Use 2 threads per core
- titan: Use setup_core from knc-asic library
- titan: Poll all enabled ASICs amd dies, not only one
- titan: Properly set work_accepted flag
- titan: Hint detection function about expected device type
- titan: Fix setup_core command
- titan: Use knc-asic library for transport layer
- Add knc-asic as submodule
- titan: Change spi device to spidev1.0
- titan: Add define to .h file
- titan: Increase workqueue size up to number of slots per core
- titan: Send data to hashmeter
- titan: Disregard stale reports after flush
- titan: Check for next asic/die switch when processing info results
- Bugfix: titan: Fix segfault
- titan: Set actual hardware nonce_diff for works in prepare_work
- titan: Do clean flush ("purge") on init
- titan: Store last_nonce right
- titan: First attempt to process nonce responses
- titan: Change 'scanhash' minerloop to 'queue'
- titan: Init all cores for their own nonce ranges
- titan: For RPi we use spidev0.1
- titan: Setup_core command implemented
- titan: New commands set_work & get_report
- titan: Move asic-specific functionality to the separate file (titan-asic.c)
- titan: First ugly detect of Titan chip over SPI
- knc-titan: Begin work on Titan (scrypt miner) driver
- libbase58: Use git URI for submodule to avoid failure on systems without HTTPS support
- Travis: Cross-compile a Win64 build
- RPC: Initialise json_config to silence false warning
- Make sure MOUSE_MOVED from wincon is ignored (it conflicts with curses)
- Travis: Perform full builds with libbase58's base58 tool (which is used for tests)
- Travis: Test many configuration variations
- Travis: Build with libsensors and VFIO
- Travis: Upgrading GCC triggers locale rebuild, so just do the one in use
- Travis: No need to upgrade GCC for LLVM build
- Travis build configuration
- Run BFGMiner's unit tests for 'make check', and have --unittest exit with failure if any problems occur
- libbase58: Update to pick up on LLVM fixes
- Bugfix: configure: Affect gridseed driver with --disable-other-drivers
- Bugfix: configure: minergate driver needs lowlevel for claiming sockets
- Bugfix: configure: --disable-other-drivers should not affect non-driver options
- Bugfix: configure: --with[out]-vfio needs $withval, not $enableval
- Bugfix: rockminer: Correct types for short read error message
- Bugfix: icarus: fix the STATS RPC API call crashes with a multi-proc device
- Bugfix: cointerra: Check lowlevel device is USB before trying to probe it (as USB)
- bitforce: Reinstate device work inprogress count sanity check for 28nm devices
- littlefury: Read uC temperature sensor
- littlefury: Keep track of enabled chips and power state explicitly in case of trouble
- Bugfix: async minerloop fix for devices disabled at start
- twinfury: Implement device protocol dump more low-level

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