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ReTux 0.6 Released, Demo Now Available, New Level Editor Guide

Item posted by Layla Marchant <onpon4> on Sat 21 May 2016 01:56:25 PM UTC.

Version 0.6 of ReTux has been released. This is another beta release.

Additionally, a demo version of ReTux has now been made available. This version of ReTux is exactly the same as version 0.6, but it only includes Concept Castle. The ReTux demo will not be receiving any updates in the future; only the full version will be further updated. Just like with the full version, anyone who has a copy of the demo is free to share it, but as before, please do not hesitate to share the full version as well.

Both the new release and the demo version can be found on the downloads page. The password for the new release of the full version remains the same as before.

And there's more! Coinciding with this release, a level editing guide has finally been written. It can be found here:

ReTux 0.6 has the following changes compared to ReTux 0.5:

  • It is now possible to import and export levelsets. Levelsets are exported to ".rtz" files, which are simply Zip files containing the levelset's custom data.
  • A script called "" is now included with ReTux. This script moves data from the ReTux installation to your local config directory. It is meant to assist in the process of making custom levels and distributing them to others.
  • Joysticks are now handled in a much better and more consistent manner. Previously, the joystick threshold had no effect on Tux's movement, which could prevent Tux from stopping completely.
  • Some text is now shown when an unskippable cutscene is playing. This was added because it wasn't easy to tell when the cutscene before the Raccot boss fight ended.
  • Some new features have been added for use by custom levels.
  • Fixed the effect of dying during a level which is a part of a map warp (it previously would have still resulted in you making it to the destination, which was silly).
  • Concept Castle is now its own levelset rather than a part of "Bonus Levels". It is now used for the demo.
  • Reworked a certain aspect of map warps that could have caused problems with some complicated map setups.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented checkpoints from working in levelsets that don't have a worldmap.
  • Concept Castle's music is now the plain fortress music instead of Dark Forest Keep. (Later castles in ReTux turned out to be much more epic than Concept Castle, so sharing the same music as the last level in the game just doesn't make much sense.)

And there's even more! But the fourth announcement is pretty huge and I don't want people to miss it, so it gets a separate news post.

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