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ReTux 0.7 Released

Item posted by Julie Marchant <onpon4> on Wed Jun 15 22:34:21 2016.

A new version of ReTux is out with some tweaks since version 0.6.

In other news, the deadline for getting a gratis copy of ReTux for participating in the level editing contest is fast approaching. If you are interested, be sure to announce your participation before June 20!

Changes to ReTux 0.7 since version 0.6.1 include:

  • Fixed a bug where Raccot attempting to hop in mid-air would cause him to not hop again until after the next charging cycle.
  • Tweaked level 41; you no longer skip half of the level by taking the lower path.
  • Added support for gettext (translations).
  • Added a "god mode", accessed by entering a password through the command-line. This makes Tux invincible and makes fire flowers and ice flowers have unlimited ammo.
  • Fixed a bug where Raccot would do a stomp while hopping.


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