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Quagga 1.1.0 released

Item posted by Paul Jakma <paul> on Tue 18 Oct 2016 02:12:48 PM UTC.

Quagga 1.1.0 has been released, available from the usual place:


This is a release with a number of new features, and many bug fixes.

  • Greatly improved nexthop resolution for recursive routes. (Cumulus)
  • Event driven nexthop resolution for BGP (Cumulus)
  • Route tags support (Piotr Chytła, Packet Consulting)
  • Transport of TE related metrics over OSPF, IS-IS (Olivier Dugeon, Orange)
  • IPv6 Multipath for zebra and BGP (Ayan Banerjee, Cumulus)

This release also changed the default of 'link-detect' state, controlling whether zebra will respond to link-state events and consider an interface to be down when link is down. To retain current the behavior save your config before updating, otherwise remove the 'link-detect' flag from your config prior to updating. There is also a new global 'default link-detect (on|off)' flag to configure the global default.

This release includes the security fixes of the 1.0.20161017 release.

Thanks to all the contributors, who include:

Andrej Ota <>
Avneesh Sachdev <>
Ayan Banerjee <>
Balaji <>
Boian Bonev <>
boris yakubov <>
Christian Franke <>
Christian Franke <>
Colin Petrie <>
Daniel Walton <>
David Lamparter <>
Denil Vira <>
Dinesh Dutt <>
Donald Sharp <>
Evgeny Uskov <>
Igor Ryzhov <>
Jafar Al-Gharaibeh <>
James Li <>
Jonathan Hart <>
kitty <>
Lou Berger <>
Matthieu Boutier <>
Olivier Dugeon <>
Paul Jakma <>
Paul Jakma <>
Paul Jakma <>
Pawel Wieczorkiewicz <>
Philippe Guibert <>
Piotr Chytła <>
Pradosh Mohapatra <>
Roman Hoog Antink <>
Stas Nichiporovich <>
Timo Teräs <>
Udaya Shankara KS <>
Vipin Kumar <>
Vivek Venkatraman <>

See the full changelog available at the above URL for further details. A summary of the changes are as follows:

 bgp: add "debug bgp allow-martians" next hops and related code/commands
 bgp: bgp_nexthop init/free AFI_ETHER related NH tables
 bgpd: Add a null check in bgp_address_del() function when connected addresses are removed.
 bgpd: add aspath_aggregate_mpath that preserves path length
 bgpd: Add [bestpath|multipath] option to 'show ip bgp x.x.x.x'
 bgpd: Add clear command to force a bestpath recalculation and re-advertisement of a prefix
 bgpd: Add flag to not change e{u,g}id on startup and run as unprivileged user
 bgpd: Addition of bgp dampening configuration commands under IPv4/multicast
 bgpd: Addition of dampening show commands under v4 unicast/multicast tree
 bgpd: Add new configuration cli for graceful restart.
 bgpd: Alow gracefull shutdown of peers
 bgpd: atomic-aggregate is lost when we aggregate another aggregate that has atomic-aggregate
 bgpd: bgp_nexthop_cache not deleted with peers
 bgpd: Correct a few fuzz failures in BGP
 bgpd: crash if attributes alone consume > 4096 bytes
 bgpd: Display BGP paths with unreachable nexthops as invalid
 bgpd: ditch unused bgp_node_*() functions
 bgpd: divorce router-id logic from CLI & zebra
 bgpd, doc: Allow route-map policy modifications to also affect route reflectors.
 bgpd, doc, lib, zebra: nexthop-tracking in zebra
 bgpd: don't count a route with an unreachable nexthop in PfxRcd
 bgpd: Enable support for BGP IPV6 multipath.
 bgpd: Fix aggregation issues found via ANVL
 bgpd: Fix BGP_INFO_ATTR_CHANGED being cleared incorrectly
 bgpd: fix BGP IPv6 route map error
 bgpd: Fix buffer overflow error in bgp_dump_routes_func
 bgpd: Fix code path that leads to uninitialized variables
 bgpd: Fix crash in 'show ip bgp nexthop'
 bgpd: fix MRT table dumps for locally-originated routes
 bgpd: Fix NHT race with Connect leading to test tool issues
 bgpd: fix off-by-one in attribute flags handling
 bgpd: Fix 'show bgp ipv4 vpnv4 statistics' cli.
 bgpd: Fix use after free in aspath_prepend with confeds
 bgpd: fix wrong help strings of "match peer" and "no match peer" commands
 bgpd: flag paths for multipath if we RX link-local and global nexthops
 bgpd: iBGP multipath is broken if 'bgp deterministic-med' is enabled.
 bgpd: implement admin distance
 bgpd: Improve peer scaling
 bgpd: IPv6 Multipath broken with nexthop global address
 bgpd, lib: Clarify the different permutations of soft clearing a peer
 bgpd, lib, ospfd, zebra: Add ability to read/write tag value
 bgpd: Make aspath_highest 4-byte compatible for private AS
 bgpd: Make "no redistribute" always remove the redistribute statement
 bgpd: Make source interface selection in BGP for nexthop determination more robust
 bgpd: Make the private AS number check 4 byte compatible.
 bgpd: minor header/API clean up
 bgpd, ospfd, ospf6d, ripd, ripngd, zebra: 'set metric -12' is broken in the parser
 bgpd: Removed unused variable from 'struct attr_extra'
 bgpd: Remove unused and leaking code
 bgpd, ripngd, zebra: Remove duplicate PSIZE define
 bgpd: Show more meaningful outq value in 'show ip bgp summary' output.
 bgpd: Squash spurious "unknown afi" log messages
 bgpd: Support matching on local preference in route-map
 bgpd, vtysh: Add support for route tags
 bgpd, zebra: Use next hop tracking for connected routes too
 bgp: fix warning in bgp_nht.c
 bgp: ignore NHT when bgpd has never connected zebra
 bgp: restore missing check from original ignore NHT change
 build: detect and create AM_SILENT_RULES macro if needed
 build/pimd: remove special shell scripts
 build: remove werror from for now
 build: support for "development build"
 build: Test for features.h and move include to lib/zebra.h
 build: turn off automake portability warnings
 config: Remove unused library check
 doc: add blurb on use of protobuf with FPM
 doc: Add isisd.texi to quagga_TEXINFOS so it gets in dist tarball
 doc: Update documentation for Traffic Engineering
 fpm: Add protobuf support for FPM.
 isisd: Add support of Traffic Engineering
 isisd: API: area (L1), domain (L2) passwords
 isisd: API: basic area config
 isisd: API: basic circuit config
 isisd: API: circuit password
 isisd: API: LSP-MTU & area level
 isisd: API: timers (IIH, CSNP, PSNP)
 isisd: API: timers (LSP, SPF)
 isisd: cleanup isis_circuit_lookup, errant from TE changes?
 isisd: drop unused per-type metric values
 isisd: fix a crash due to an lsp-mtu issue
 isisd: fix an error that was probably a result of copypasting
 isisd: fix assert warning
 isisd: fix isis_circuit_af_set() on fresh circuit
 isisd: fix isis_circuit_create()
 isisd: fix is_type_set
 isisd: fix network-type configuration
 isisd: Fix size of malloc
 isisd: fold up isis_circuit_is_type_set()
 isisd: ignore unknown interfaces when adjusting IS-IS mtu
 isisd: make sure that all interface addresses are advertised
 isisd: Segmentation fault on isis daemon fixes
 isisd: warn if there is an MTU issue on circuits
 isisd: work around route table asserts for deleting node with info
 *: Consolidate all double VIEW_NODE and ENABLE_NODE's
 *: Fix duplicate commands from view/enable node consolidation
 *: get rid of "MTYPE 0"
 *: Remove C99ism, CI system runs builds with CFLAGS and compilers that barf
 *: Remove some for statement declarations
 *: Widen width of Zserv routing tag field.
 lib: Abstract fd set operations
 lib: add api method to read current config path
 lib: add event_counter
 lib: Add new if_link_params structure
 lib: Allow zclient do-over of connect on initial attempt
 lib: change command logging to be off by default
 lib: consolidate ntohf/htonf from ospfd/isisd TE to lib/network
 lib: Consolidate VIEW_NODE to be ENABLE_NODE as well
 lib: dump memory stats on core
 lib: fix memory leak in zprivs_caps_init
 lib: fix MIN/MAX macros to not double-eval
 lib: Fix priviledge modification for vty group specified
 lib: Fix regression in thread.c
 lib: IEC559 tests are fragile, reduce to warning rather than error.
 lib: keep hash of node's commands to detect duplicate installs
 lib: Make distribute.c accepts both v4 and v6.
 lib: Refactor read/write functionality
 lib: Refactor thread_process_fd
 lib: Remove unnecessary parentheses
 lib: Replace lists with arrays to store read and write threads
 lib: simplify distribute.c's code.
 lib/stream: add float/double <-> IEEE-754 single/double mux/demuxers
 lib: update Solaris multicast API (BZ#725)
 lib: use constant to replace magic value for length of quagga_timestamp
 opsf6d: Update router-LSA when nbr's interface-ID changes
 ospf6d: Adding the initialization check in ospfv3_clean()
 ospf6d: Add the missing ospf6 running check in show cmds
 ospf6d: don't access nexthops out of bounds
 ospf6d: Fix double increment of Sequence Number
 ospf6d: Fixing a couple of issues with ospf6_route_remove () routine.
 ospf6d: Fix loss of hello's on interface
 ospf6d: fix off-by-one on display of spf reasons
 ospf6d: implement admin distance
 ospf6d: LA (local-address) bit related inter-op fix.
 ospf6d, ripd, vtysh: Fix "no set metric" for ospf6 and RIP
 ospf6d: Support for 'clear ipv6 ospf6 interface [ifname]
 ospf6d: We should accept long form of "no redistribute"
 osfd: Make OSPF compliant to the last sentence of this section in RFC 2328
 ospfd: Add support Router Capabilities support to OSPF
 ospfd: Don't wait for state change to Exchange to start LSReq
 ospfd: fix - correct neighbor index on changing/p2p/virtual links
 ospfd: Fix no ip ospf hello-interval
 ospfd: fix non-zero metric when describing loopback addresses
 ospfd: Make destination of p2p to multicast for LS-ACKS
 ospfd: "show ip ospf neighbor" header spacing
 ospfd: Support for 'clear ip ospf interface [IFNAME]'
 ospfd: Update Traffic Engineering support
 ospfd, vtysh: Add support for Route tags
 pimd: Fix hang when doing nexthop lookup from zebra
 pimd: send pim prune via correct interface when rpf upstream interface for a source changes
 qpb: Add support for protobuf.
 release: Bump version to 1.1.0
 ripd: code simplification for redistribution.
 ripd: Fix Null pointer dereference
 ripd, ripngd: add support for route tags
 ripd: split-horizon default differed between rip_interface_new and _reset
 ripngd: code simplification for redistribution.
 tests: Fix testbgpmpattr and make check, broken by BGP NHT.
 Use only the ISC license for .proto files.
 vtysh: Add ability to only look at one processes work queue
 vtysh: Add support of new link-params CLI
 vtysh: auto-generated vtysh_cmd.c file should depend on its creator
 vtysh: Make ipv6 unicast/multicast address-family work
 vtysh: service integrated-vtysh-config not being written to file
 zebra: *addattr should use size_t len args, quell signed v unsigned warning
 zebra: Add check to notice when an interface is unnumbered
 zebra: Add command to configure default for link-state, and make it sticky
 zebra: add developer test functions for FPM code
 zebra: Add internal support for route tags
 zebra: Add link parameters support to Zebra
 zebra: add missing vty commands
 zebra: add support for route tags
 zebra: count iface up/down events and keep last time of their occurrence
 zebra: Dissallow outside programs to delete Quagga routes
 zebra: Enable fpm module to connect to remote fpm server
 zebra: fix crash caused by using route-map with "set src"
 zebra: Fix incorrectly flagged nexthop
 zebra: Fix some warnings found during compile.
 zebra: Gather and display detailed info about clients of Zebra
 zebra: handle multihop nexthop changes properly
 zebra: ipv6 multipath support
 zebra: optionally use protobuf with FPM
 zebra: Set link-detect on by default
 zebra: stack overrun in IPv6 RA receive code (CVE-2016-1245)
 zebra: Suppress displaying default config as part of running config
 zebra: Update news with the status of link-detect and the global default
 zserv: [pimd] fix - avoid dereferencing a NULL pointer

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