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ReTux 1.2 Released, Price Slashed

Item posted by Layla Marchant <onpon4> on Wed 19 Oct 2016 09:59:25 PM UTC.

I have two announcements today:

Firstly, the price of the ReTux digital download has been slashed; it is now only $1.99. So if you've been thinking of getting ReTux, now is the time! :)

Secondly, a new version of ReTux, version 1.2, has been released. This release features the following changes:

  • A Spanish translation, contributed by Heckyel, has been added.
  • A spelling error in the Japanese translation has been fixed.
  • Fixed a situation that, while not likely to do so, could cause a keyboard control to be entirely removed (which would make it impossible to navigate the menus).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Unicode text from displaying properly when Python 2 was used.
  • Fixed the colorizing of Tux when God mode is enabled (it previously did not colorize him when entering and exiting pipes).
  • It turns out that putting a rock on top of Krush or Krosh stops them from moving up. This is fine, but this previously could cause them to be stuck close to the ground, so this has been fixed to make them start moving up again once the rock is removed.

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