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LibTMCG 1.3.3 released

Item posted by Heiko Stamer <stamer> on Mon 30 Oct 2017 03:34:28 PM UTC.

Small enhancements for DKG tools have been added, e.g., programs for basic information about a private threshold key (dkg-keyinfo), proactive refresh of a shared tDSS key (dkg-refresh), and verification of a detachted signature (dkg-verify) are now included. The default TCP/IP port range for alternative message exchange beside GNUnet starts now from 55000. Thus the programs may not interoperate with older versions.

The motivation, cryptographic background and some usage scenarios of the DKG tools have been presented recently at Datengarten/81 (CCCB). Please consult the slides for a more complete view on this topic.

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