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Emacs-wiki 2.70 is released. posted by mwolson, Tue 26 Jul 2005 01:37:59 AM UTC - 0 replies
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Emacs-wiki 2.70 is released.

Item posted by Michael W. Olson <mwolson> on Tue 26 Jul 2005 01:37:59 AM UTC.

Emacs-wiki 2.70 is released. For the first time, I've tried to upload
it to the emacs-wiki project area at It's also available
(in both zip and tarball forms) from A Debian package has
been prepared for the 2.70 release.

The following things have changed since emacs-wiki 2.69.

  • Significant compatibility-breaking changes

- If you have custom code that relies on the value of
buffer-file-name at publish time (in header and footer code, for
example), you must use `emacs-wiki-current-file' instead. If the
code can be called at publish time or while displaying the file,
use a construct like (or emacs-wiki-current-file buffer-file-name).

- Change all uses of `emacs-wiki-home-page' to

- Change all uses of `emacs-wiki-home-project' to

  • Changes

- emacs-wiki now has a Makefile. This means that it can be easily
installed by doing `make' and `make install'. See the new README
file for details, such as specifying which emacs binary to use for

- Emphasis should no longer be highlighted in <example>, <lisp>, or
<verbatim> tags.

- Links will not be marked up if they are enclosed in double quotes.

- Centered text will be published properly, instead of being ignored.

- Setting emacs-wiki-recurse-directories and using nested
subdirectories should work better than it previously did. In
particular, the index will publish correctly.

- Links to relative pages will not be mangled by prepending the

- A potential issue with XBEL bookmark generation has been addressed.

- Underlines and =sign= markup can span multiple lines. All forms of
emphasis should be more robust. Emphasis characters within
extended links will always be ignored.

- <example> tags will be colored with emacs-wiki-verbatim-face.

- When hacking around with emacs-wiki, Wiki files should no longer be
mangled and overwritten if an error happens during publish time.
In particular, the save buffer prompt will not happen for temporary

- Font-lock works as expected in XEmacs, and it can be toggled with
C-c C-l.

- Many non-MULE XEmacs fixes have been applied. Emacs-wiki should be
completely usable in both XEmacs and non-MULE XEmacs, with the
exceptions listed in the "XEmacs issues" section of this message.

- If "raw" is given as an argument to a <python> or <perl> tag, the
output will not be surrounded with <pre>.

- If the characters `<', `>', or `&' are encountered in links, they
will be replaced with the proper HTML entities rather than the
decimal entities.

- emacs-wiki-publish-this-page has been bound to `C-c C-t'. It
causes the current page to be published unconditionally to its
configured publishing directory.

- The displaying of emphasized text should be significantly faster.

- A filename may be used for the value of
`emacs-wiki-publishing-header' and `emacs-wiki-publishing-footer'.
If this is the case, the file will be inserted into the published
document. Otherwise, the contents of the header and footer
variables will be inserted directly.

- If the japanese-egg input method is used, an attempt will be made
to play nicely with it, at the expense of never unhighlighting the

- An attempt has been made to make emacs-wiki usable with Emacs20.

- Tags may be inserted interactively into a Wiki document by typing
C-c TAB.

- It should be much easier to use international characters in

  • XEmacs issues

The following XEmacs problems are known to exist. A solution for them
eludes me, so I would welcome patches. See

- [#13928] <lisp> tags are not evaluated at display time, but they
are published properly.

- [#13927] <lisp> tags in headers are not published properly. Oddly
enough, <lisp> tags in footers still publish fine.

  • Other unfixed bugs

See for details.

- [#13741] Figure out a clean way to enable images in the description
part of an extended link to have alt tags.

- [#13926] emacs-wiki-edit-link does the wrong thing with extended

- [#13929] Emacs21: Flyspell highlights WikiNames.


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