Savannah account credentials

Savannah accounts have three kinds of credentials: registered email, account passphrase, SSH keys and GnuPG keys.

Registered email address

The login form has a link to send a code for resetting your account passphrase to your email. It could mean that in order to get control of your account, it's sufficient to intercept that message sent to your email. In order to prevent that, you may want to opt for encrypting those messages to your GnuPG key.

Unlike other credentials, changing this address involves a confirmation step including communications through email.

Account passphrase

Account passphrase is used to authenticate you in group area, including trackers, and change all that can be changed in your account. See Logging in Savannah.

SSH keys

SSH keys are used for write access to VCS repositories; they also can be used to authenticate you when recovering your account.

GnuPG keys

Registered GnuPG keys aren't directly used for accessing Savannah services (though you can tell GnuPG to serve your key to ssh); however, you can opt for encrypting sensitive communications with your public key. See GnuPG at Savannah. Also, GnuPG may be used to prove your identity if you forget your account passphrase.

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