There is currently an effort to tidy the translation team names and webpages location.

Yavor suggests we use 'www-XX' (or www-XX-YY) where XX/YY is the contry code (eg: www-fr, www-pt-br).

I also suggest we move any old translation team project in this group type (instead of portion).

Translation teams will be hosted at

Current migration plan:

  • Give me a list of projects to rename (old name -> new name). Check whether there're project mailing lists to rename and give me a list too. Please also check if some projects need to be moved from ' portion' to ' translation team' project type :)
  • You warn the project members and I rename the projects meanwhile.
  • I disable webpages on-commit replication for translation projects (to avoid recreating old webpages locations during the move)
  • We then send Joshua 2 lists:

  • Joshua will then be able to:

    • map the list of translation projects to the new locations
    • modify new-savannah-project/ to handle a new 'type' parameter value for when we create new translation projects in the future.

In general, translation teams are approved by the translation coordinators, which includes Yavor Doganov.