Mailing List Creation

Group admins can create mailing lists, remove them and edit their settings using the normal Savannah web interface: group area Mailing Lists, then Configure.

The list name must be one of GROUPNAME-[*], or GROUPNAME, or {bug,info,help}-GROUPNAME. The domain of the list is deduced from the type of the group (non-GNU software and documentation use, official GNU software uses, for example). Before creating a list, a few checks are run to avoid conflicts like already existing lists and login names.

When the mailing list is created, a notification with list admin password is sent to the person who created it. The password can be reset from the same page, and a similar message with the new password is sent to the person who resets it.

Besides the list name, the admin sets its description and visibility (public vs. private). These settings are passed to Mailman when the list is created and reconfigured on Savannah website; however, if you modify the configuration via the Mailman web UI, the changes aren't passed back to Savannah website.

Savannah hackers can do more things on request when necessary:

  • Add arbitrarily named lists.
  • Detach lists from the group without removing them on the Mailman sever.
  • Change the domain from to and vice versa.