Services Outside Savannah

GNU Savannah is operated by volunteer admins. Many servers and services which are closely related to Savannah's operation are not handled by Savannah admins.

When a problem arises with these servers or services, it is best to contact the relevant party directly: FSF sysadmins for server-related issues and GNU teams for GNU-related issues. See below for details.

GNU Project and Official GNU Packages

Savannah administrators cannot help with official GNU-related matters, such as: approving a new GNU package, changing the stasus of a Savannah group from gnu to nongnu or vice versa, approving new co-maintainers, dealing with FSF copyright assignments, and plenty more.

Server Issues - Contacting FSF sysadmin:

Many servers and services which are closely related to Savannah operation are maintained by FSF sysadmins, and Savannah volunteers do not have access to them.

When a problem arises with these servers, it is best to contact FSF admins directly (although notifying Savannah admins by CC'ing is ok and can help us keep track of problems).

Servers and services

  • - maintained by FSF sysadmins (including login issues, sending/receiving email there, installed packages, etc.). Before contacting FSF sysadmins, try writing to (

  • Mailing lists ( - the host, mail setup, and Mailman installation are managed by FSF sysadmins. Savannah hackers have limited (non-root) access to mailing lists and archives. All requests for deletion of archived email must go to FSF sysadmin.

  • Web pages at the served files are maintained by and GNU package maintainers, Apache configuration by FSF sysadmins. A copy of the live configuration is in fencepost:/srv/data/www-config/ and a copy of the live server is in fencepost:/srv/data/www-mirror/. Individual package web pages are hosted in Savannah CVS "webpages" repositories (always CVS), but are sync'd to for the actual serving (HomePage).

  • - the main distribution server for GNU, managed entirely by FSF sysadmin. Compare with downloads for, which does happen on Savannah DownloadArea.

  • GNU Bug Tracker ( - managed by other non-Savannah volunteers; write to ( for help.

  • The Savannah hosts themselves are virtual machines on FSF-managed hardware; Savannah volunteers have root access to the virtual hosts, but no access to the hardware.

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