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New input module for Ada
     posted by positrone, Sun Sep 23 09:19:03 2001 - 0 replies

Added a new input module for the Ada95 language.

Added C and Java input modules.
     posted by positrone, Thu Sep 20 07:59:07 2001 - 0 replies

Added two new input modules for C (the C99 Standard, also supporting
SQL Embedded) and Java.

Completed Guile support for output modules
     posted by positrone, Wed Sep 19 12:27:36 2001 - 0 replies

Now Scheme configuration files are supported for both output modules,
and it's very easy to write new complying output modules.
Input modules are even easier to write.

Added GNU Guile support
     posted by positrone, Tue Sep 18 14:52:58 2001 - 0 replies

Now the output modules can easily use configuration files written in
Scheme. The HTML output module is a working example.

Documented TML elements
     posted by positrone, Tue Sep 18 09:36:53 2001 - 0 replies

I documented the TML elements every output module must support. Now I'm
going to study how to integrate configuration files support in Scheme
with Guile.

Started working on output modules
     posted by positrone, Thu Aug 16 13:24:34 2001 - 0 replies

I defined the general directory structure for the output modules
source files.Added a HTML output module.

Started working on input modules
     posted by positrone, Thu Aug 16 09:59:10 2001 - 0 replies

I decided the directory structure for the input modules source files
(and also output modules will be structured in the same way).

I imported input modules for C++, Lisp, Pascal, Scheme and SQL. They already work :-).

Began working on the source CVS repository
     posted by positrone, Tue Aug 14 19:25:24 2001 - 0 replies

Skeletal files and directories were added.

A page for the Baroque project has been created.
     posted by positrone, Tue Aug 14 02:43:38 2001 - 0 replies

The home page is at

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