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Conduet Weekly Newsletter #2
     posted by blokkie_, Thu 17 Apr 2003 09:07:46 PM UTC - 0 replies

Kernel Summary
The new kernel was merged last Friday, an astonishing move to the developers who, ignoring the recent flurry of emails, assumed that nothing was happening and that their help was not called for. They were wrong. Their error was so ...

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Norwegian translation & new tree & screenshots
     posted by blokkie_, Wed 16 Apr 2003 09:16:27 AM UTC - 0 replies

Thanks to Stianh, we now have a Norwegian translation of the documentation. See :)

New tree :

kennyt :
I just committed my entire working tree. It contains all of the features of the old tree, plus everything from leejr's version. I also added the beginning of a kernel RTL: lib/ has support for IO and a string class, both of which are demonstrated in kernel/x86/main.cpp.

Conduet Screenshots -->

Conduet Weekly Newsletter
     posted by blokkie_, Wed 09 Apr 2003 09:05:58 PM UTC - 0 replies

Welcome to cndtnews!
In this issue, we have a variety of topics: some code; some political.

Conduet Kernel Tree - Status and Future
 Our kernel has gone through a great number of transformations, beginning with the tests performed back in the ...

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     posted by blokkie_, Mon 03 Mar 2003 07:26:38 AM UTC - 0 replies

Even subversion = stable
     1.0 stable
     1.1 unstable

Clean up website - less take-over-worldy
 - links: irc, docs, faq, tarball, image
 - description on main page

Keep SF/Savannah in sync
 - blokkie mirrors news

Put up all documentation (including pdfs) on ...

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mem-management & mouse module design & ext2fs support
     posted by blokkie_, Mon 17 Feb 2003 07:25:38 AM UTC - 0 replies

yep yep yep  :-)

ext2fs.h  is included in the cvs now , mem.h and othere mem stuff for the apps was committed . Linking and testing is needed so grab that cvs and start compiling !

     posted by blokkie_, Sun 09 Feb 2003 06:53:17 PM UTC - 0 replies

- irc channel
- developer list
- admins

- main website
- devtools website (for everyone)

- anonymous CVS
- dev CVS

ssh to
- shell for editing website, etc

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