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Emacs-Lisp progremmer needed for html-helper-mode

Category: Developer
Submitted By: baol
Date: Sun 21 Mar 2004 07:30:44 PM UTC
Status: Deleted

This project is not part of the GNU Project.

html-helper-mode was originally written by Nelson Minar as a mode for
writing HTML pages. I took it and mang^H^H^H^Hupgraded it to help me
write ASP (bleach! but when you are an employee...) page with Emacs.

After adding ASP I felt morally forced to add PHP and JSP support (mostly because I would like to backup the whole ASP thing in /dev/null).

The mode uses buffer narrowing and mode switching for dealing with server code or client scripting, That is: you enter in the server code block with the cursor and a command narrows the text to the server code block and switches to another mode, i.e. c-mode for PHP. For
JSP you can choose to use either java-mode or JDE.

Project status on savannah:

Should be set up completly :)
If you want to join the fun, you are welcome.

License GNU General Public License v2 or later

Development Status
: 5 - Production/Stable

Details (job description, contact ...):

[Closed with maintainer permission. - CB]

Is there some Emacs Lisper who wants to join the fun with html-helper-mode ??

Required Skills:

Skill Level Experience
GNU Emacs lisp Good Knowledge < 6 Months

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