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A project manager could talk to for FRS

Category: Project Manager
Submitted By: fasten
Date: Thu 10 Jan 2013 12:34:51 PM UTC
Status: Deleted

This project is not part of the GNU Project.

The intended audience of this project are developers, not end users, hence there isn't too much documentation for this project and there is no overly convenient Maven build either. If you do not intend to read the source you are advised to purchase a polished product from a software vendor. courses are available on request.

License GNU Affero General Public License v3 or later
Development Status
: 0 - Undefined

Details (job description, contact ...):

A project manager could talk to and implement their data feed mechanism for trade shows.
It should be possible to test if a city has an exposition center and then to display the trade shows during the given date range in a chosen format, not in a widget from their site. Caching of trade show data in the database appears sensible but it should be possible to respond to changing trade show dates (e.g. the cache should expire content).

Required Skills:

Skill Level Experience

(No Skill Inventory Set Up)

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