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Active members on duty

  Member Resume and Skills
Project AdministratorAnatoly Sokolov <aesok> View Skills
Project AdministratorEric Weddington <arcanum> Set to private
Project AdministratorDmitry Xmelkov <dmix> Set to private
Project AdministratorJoerg Wunsch <joerg_wunsch> View Skills
Project AdministratorMarek Michalkiewicz <marekm> Set to private
Project MemberRuddick Lawrence <mrjogo> Set to private
Project MemberPitchumani <pitchumani> Set to private
Project MemberRuud <ruud62> Set to private
Project MemberMike Rice <swfltek> View Skills

Currently inactive members

  Member Resume and Skills
SquadJoe Test User <avr-libc-test> Set to private

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