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Name: dynetd - Dynalite lighing control client and server
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This project is not part of the GNU Project.

dynetd provides integration between Dynalite lighting/buidling control systems
and PCs on a LAN. One master node on the lan must have an RS232<->RS485 box connected to the DYNET network. Other nodes send and recieve DYNET packets encaptulated in UDP packets, these are forwarded to and from the DYNET network by the master node.

Things that can easily be done with dynetd and a few shell scripts:
- Control lights/irrigation/appliances from a Linux PC.
(eg from cron, in response to new email messages, via a remote CGI interface)
- Control apps on a Linux PC from wall switches, touch panels etc.
(eg play mp3s, dvds, adjust volume, control tv/radio tuner card,
control other gear via lirc (http://www/
- Monitor and log activity on the dynet network
(eg to monitor energy usage, turn off lights that have been left on)

More info on dynalite can be found here:
More on DYNET is here:

Dynalite systems come with Windows software for programming and control.
dynetd so-far only supports control of/by the DYNET network, not uploading
new programs to DYNET devices. However by doing tasks such as scheduling
and complicated conditional events on the PC side the need to write code
for dynalite devices and upload it to them is greatly reduced.

home automation
building control
stage lighting
energy management

Registration Date: Sat 22 Feb 2003 11:47:22 AM UTC
License: Modified BSD License
Development Status: 2 - Pre-Alpha


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