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recipe #101: Why log in?

The log-in mechanism used in these webpages is just a simple way of keeping track of users who work in projects hosted in this site. When a user logs in, she/he is conducted to a personal page that lists the projects she/he is collaborating with and any pending tasks that she/he might have.

If you are involved in any project, if you do not intend to post items on the site, you don't need to log in since it will make no difference.
If you want to register a project of your own to be hosted in this site, you must first log in, because every project must have at least one administrator and we need to know your user name to make you the administrator of the project.

In order to log in, you must be registered (using "New User" in the menu) and give the user name and password selected during your registration.

If you lost your password, read recipe #102.

Last update: Fri 24 Dec 2021 08:56:45 AM UTC

This recipe comes from Savannah User Docs


Audience and Context

(As there is at least one of the Audience/Feature/Action context information not set, this recipe will not show up in related recipes links)

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